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From pacifiers that always wind up on the ground to sippy cups that won’t stay put, BooginHead is changing the way parents deal with toddler messes and mealtime adventures one problem-solving product at a time.

They’ve created a line of affordable essentials for every stage of babyhood, so babies can soothe, sip, and play to their heart’s content without driving mom crazy!

BooginHead started with their original SippiGrip in 2007, an award-winning tether that keeps babies’ cups from taking a spill all over your floor every meal. Now they’ve created a wide array of time, energy, and money saving solutions to babies’ little messes.

Their latest innovations include:

PaciGrips — From chic fabric grips to stimulating silicone ones, these keep pacifiers secure, clean, and at the ready for when they’re needed most.

Teether Bibs — For the drool machine that’s always looking for something to chew on, these hip Bandana Teether Bibs can help. They’re made with soft, super-absorbent cotton and food-grade silicone in an assortment of fashionable patterns so babies can soothe their teething blues without drooling through another onesie.

SippiGrips in Silicone — This updated version of their award-winning design is made with 100% food-grade silicone, is stretchy and strong, compact and expandable, and works with almost any cup, bottle, or toy.

BlanketGrips — From downtown strolls to market runs to vacation sightseeing, these adjustable hook-and-loop straps attach to any stroller to keep baby’s blanket high and dry so they’re always comfy and cozy.

BooginHead products are available nationwide at Target, Walmart, and online retailers, including Amazon.

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