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Chunky Knit Blanket

This blanket will be your best friend on cold evenings. This handmade chunky blanket from Lithuania is 100% merino wool.

I’ve been wanting an oversized, chunky blanket forever. I’ve researched how to make a chunky blanket, but not sure I really have to the time. This one is really cute and it is available in 50 different colors.

Keep in mind that natural wool is a very gentle material, so you should follow the recommendations to keep your blanket looking good. It’s better to use dry clean only in order to maintain the lightness and tenderness of your blanket. Do not use machine wash and do not iron.
Try to avoid spilling different liquids (especially intensely colored like coffee or red wine) on your blanket.
At first, wool can shed a little bit.

Browse the different colors available here.

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