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The Genesis of StickerKid

“Began at one of our potlucks where we were commiserating over the highs and lows of parenthood. We had a moment of revelation when we realized every single one of our children seems to be true virtuosos at losing their clothes, toys, school supplies, and even shoes (really—how???). We were tired of buying the same items over and over again. And we were troubled by this apparent shortcoming we seemed to have no control over in keeping our kids healthy.”

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“We started talkin’ labels. But as parents ourselves, we knew the label companies out there didn’t meet our standards. Many made labels that were still dependent on our own chicken scratch, cheaply crafted but overpriced, and worst of all: creatively limiting—which kind of defeats the purpose of labeling something—an effort to individualize something otherwise easily indistinguishable.”

Enter: StickerKid

We’re far from being the new kid on the block. In fact, we’ve been in this neighborhood so long that our lemonade stand is now a lemonade empire, as we sell and ship worldwide! But if you’re somehow only just hearing about us for the first time…

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StickerKid labels are made to withstand any adventure your child could think of. Building the highest sandcastles in the sun at the beach, climbing tall trees or enjoying a snowy days sledding. These labels are there to ensure all your favourites clothes, toys, and sports gear come home after an exciting day at school, kindergarten or exploring. So you don’t need to worry and can enjoy the fun with your kids.

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