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I wasn’t aware that this was a thing. Which means that I’ve spent many mom-years trying to be savvy and quiet with the doors while babies (and older kids!) are sleeping. Much to no avail. Because who am I kidding? Those things click, clang, and bang like it’s their job. Or, like it’s my job.

This is actually so clever, I’m a little jealous that I didn’t come up with it! (Because clearly, I’m clever as I noisily move through the house).

This door silencer allows you to open or close any interior door silently! It also helps to prevent toddlers from getting locked in/or locking you out of a room by not allowing the latch to engage.

It’s made of durable designer fabric and stretchy elastic straps. It conveniently fits all door shapes and sizes (including lever or french handles). The door silencer comes in beautiful fabrics to blend with any style or decor and it hangs on the doorknob when not in use.

We found this cute item over on Jane – which means that it’s a deal that is limited by time and quantity. If you need this for nap, bedtime, and other frustrating moments – grab it now! Sometimes items on Jane come back again – but we have no way of knowing when it will be back once sold out.

Check it out here.

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