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The holiday season is always indulgent—from the festive cookie platters from coworkers to the highly anticipated seasonal Starbucks drinks. To help counteract holiday cravings, stuff stockings with Coral LLC Cinnamon 6—a cinnamon-based supplement that helps support healthy blood sugar and may assist in maintaining weight loss*.

Used medicinally for thousands of years by various cultures, cinnamon has been recognized most notably for its powerful ability to support the body in regulating glucose*, although its known benefits are many. Better heart health, blood sugar regulation, diabetes protection and improved brain function are just a few of the potential capabilities of the antioxidant-rich spice*.

Coral Cinnamon 6

In 1904, the average American consumed about 4 or 5 pounds of refined sugar every year. Today, Americans consume close to that amount of refined sugar every week! Aside from causing an explosion of diabetes and obesity, this massive upsurge in sugar consumption has a direct effect on the proliferation of cancer. As you know, sugars and starches in food are broken down into glucose, which then circulates in the blood. The hormone insulin helps the cellular receptor sites attract glucose to be used as energy or made and stored as fat.

Dr. Anderson discovered a water-soluble polyphenol compound called MHCP in cinnamon that actually mimicked insulin and activated the cells receptor site. Testing it in several clinical trials, he not only discovered cinnamon could lower glucose, but it appeared to lower blood levels of fats and “bad” cholesterol. It also neutralized free radicals. If glucose builds up in the blood, it causes signs and signals of fatigue, weight gain and blurred vision. Eventually, fat and muscle cells lose their ability to react to insulin all together, thereby leading one to develop Type II diabetes. Apparently, cinnamon rekindles the ability of fat and other cells to react to insulin.

Over 30 years ago, Dr. James Chappell learned about the health benefits of fenugreek and chromium, especially how they affect sugar in the body. Many years later, he learned about American ginseng and Nopal cactus doing the same. About 10 years ago, he discovered Gymnema sylvestre. And finally within recent years, he was introduced to activated cinnamon and bitter melon. After he combined these six herbs and one mineral, he discovered the most profound synergistic, adaptogenic health benefits of any herbal compound he had ever used or experienced.

Coral LLC Cinnamon 6 offers a proprietary blend of cinnamon extract and cinnamon powder, along with 100 mg of coral calcium and other powerful natural extracts, including fenugreek and American ginseng, to help support healthy blood sugar during the holiday season and beyond. Coral LLC Cinnamon 6 is both wheat and dairy free. Cinnamon 6 goes to work immediately to help lower your blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Bitter Melon Gymnema Sylvestre Nopal Cactus American Ginseng Fenugreek Chromium Polynicotinate.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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