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Monthly Challenge

Welcome to the June 2018 Monthly Challenge! Sticking to any type of routine can be difficult – but it can be a lot easier and a lot more fun when you have the support of friends. So, every month, Mom Fave is hosting a challenge to help move us toward a better life. Challenges range from physically-fit motivation to financial and life-management activities.

At the beginning of each month, we’ll post a Monthly Challenge that will focus on the topic of one of our Tribe Groups. This month, we’re focusing on the Mom Fave Fit Group.

All future and previous challenges can be found here.

June 2018 Monthly Challenge

This month, we’re focusing on strengthening our body. Specifically, our legs! Those precious, over-worked and sometimes neglected members of our body that do so much for us.

We may not end this month with a completely changed look – but each small challenge we tackle together will add up. And we want you to join us! Challenges can be hard and we will be right there with you.

Join the Mom Fave Fit Group Here.

Share your progress with us in the group and on social media by tagging @MomFaveFit in your Instagram and @MomFaveFitness on Facebook posts!

Don’t forget to check back in July for a new challenge!

Mom Fave June 2018 Monthly Challenge

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