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Swimming is such an exciting and fun activity. Taking baby into the water for the first time can be quite an experience – and so can the pre-swimming prep! Hopping in the water isn’t so easily said and done when you’re taking a little one with you. Here are a few tips we’ve learned over our years of hauling baby, diaper bag and more.

What you need to know about taking your baby swimming


Finding an adorable swim outfit for baby is so much fun! There are so many cute swimwear options for your little one including shorts, shirts and suites. However, you’ll need to bring along another staple of baby swimwear – a swim diaper! Some pools actually require children of a specific age and under wear a swim diaper along with a pair of plastic underwear/pant. Potty mishaps in the pool can cost the business a lot of time, money and lost income to clean up – so it’s likely they’ll have some sort of rule. If you have a toddler, it may be a good idea to call ahead and find out what your pool requires – if anything at all.

You may also want to try a reusable cloth swim diaper – as you may go through the disposable type very quickly. Aren’t these adorable?!


If your child is a toddler, don’t forget to take a pair of slip-on sandals or flip-flops! Depending on the pool or outdoor location, the floor or ground surrounding the area may be hot from the sun or full of puddles that you’d like to pass over without stepping directly into.

Swim Necessities

Towels: You’ll, of course, need to bring a towel to dry off and warm up – don’t forget to pack yours and a separate towel for your child.

Protective Wear: Some may also need protection for ears, nose or eyes. Be sure to find out if your pool allows goggles and if so – what type! Did you know that for safety reasons, some pools do not allow goggles that cover the nose?

Sunscreen: If you’ll be swimming outdoors, be sure to protect against sunburn. This can be done with lotions and even with special swimwear!

Safety Inflatables: Everyone seems to have their preference for safety inflatables and jackets. Remember to check reviews and recommendations before making your decisions. There are some options that are not recommended at all due to lack of being able to hold babies entire head above water. You’ll also want to check and see what types of inflatables are allowed at the pool you are visiting.

Wet Bag: Don’t forget a wet bag for storing all of those wet suits and towels! This will help keep your diaper/swim bag from becoming wet with pool water and they’re a nice tidy way to take these items directly to your laundry room.

Make sure your diaper/swim bag is complete with swimsuit, swim diapers and possibly a pair of plastic underwear/pant, towel, sunscreen if going to be outside, sandals and a wet bag for the used swimsuit, towel and reusable swim diaper. Don’t forget to add extras of any of the above!


What are some of the items that you always bring to the pool with you?

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