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wool dryer balls

We are loving this natural alternative to traditional fabric softener. Have you tried Wool Dryer Balls? We love how they soften your laundry naturally and cut down drying time – saving on our energy costs!

Why wool dryer balls. These things look like overgrown tennis balls, made of 100% wool yarn, that overtime becomes “felted,” making them especially durable and not at all prone to unraveling. One set of wool dryer balls will last what seems like forever, softening thousands of loads of laundry-no batteries, refills, repairs or reconditioning required. It’s one [purchase] and done!

How wool dryer balls work.

Imagine now a big load of wet bath towels going into the dryer. You hit “start” and that massive wad of wet fabric will flop around and stick together for quite awhile before the layers become dry enough to separate and allow warm air to circulate. That slows the drying time, wasting time and energy. We’ve seen these Wool Dryer Balls cut 25% off dry-time!

Wool dryer balls features

  • Softens and fluffs clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, jackets, and more. Great for fluffing down items.
  • Improves air flow in the dryer, which shortens dry time.
  • Saves time, money, and energy.
  • Keeps heavy items such as jeans, blankets, sheets, and more from getting balled up.
  • Helps clothes dryer more evenly.
  • Re-usable. Lasts 1,000 or more loads, typically 2-4 years.
  • Made of 100% New Zealand Wool–no fillers or chemicals or synthetics

What others are saying:

“This is my first set; they replaced a set of cracking plastic balls that were shedding their nubbins. I’ve been using these for nearly two months now and I’m very pleased with them.

I read an embarrassingly high number of reviews for various these balls before ordering these. Several brands seemed similar in quality, so eventually, it came down to price and these were the winner. No regrets or disappointments! This set is an excellent value, especially compared to the competition.” Continue reading.

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